Ram Mountaineering Athlete Rauen


  • How many years have you been climbing and how did you start?

My parents took me climbing for the first time when I was around four years old, I started training consistently almost five years ago.


  • Most memorable experience or send?

In 2019 I had the opportunity to represent South Africa at the youth world championships. This was a really inspiring trip for me and one that fueled a lot of the goals I set for myself today.


ram mountaineering athlete rouen

  • How do you deal with the frustration of not being able to send your projects?

I try to learn from every failure.


  • What is the first piece of climbing advice, knowing all you do now, that you would give to yourself if you had just started climbing?

Explore everything, learn from everything, do what you want, and do it like you mean it.


  • What is your favorite or most used piece of The Edge ZA gear?

I have a Black Diamond stone duffel bag, which is super cool. It has a full-length zip so you don’t have to dig to the bottom, as well as a rope tarp and loops to clip draws on the inside which is really convenient for sport climbing.


  • Any gnarly epics? 

So far nothing more than getting lost during night seshes.


  • What motivates you to keep climbing?

I have so much more to learn and so much more to accomplish. I hope one day I will truly have something to give to the community and younger climbers.


  • Plans for 2021 and the future?

This year’s looking a bit strange because of the whole Covid thing, so I don’t have a specific plan or goal except to grow and get stronger. I’m interested in comps and would definitely like to delve deeper into them in the future, maybe do World Cups for a while.


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