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The Edge ZA Athlete Interview and Introduction:

  • Name: Matt Grunewald


  • How many years have you been climbing and how did you start?

I’ve been climbing for three years. I started climbing when the climbing gym, Valley Crag, opened up in PE.


  • Your Most memorable experience or send?

My most memorable climbing experience would have to be going to compete at worlds in Arco at the end of 2019. Just the vibe and being around climbers from all around the world was so awesome.

My most memorable send has to be Noose its a route down in van Stadens gorge that was originally bolted for Adam Ondra during his visit in 2009, but he never got the chance to try it.

  • How do you deal with the frustration of not being able to send your projects?

It’s nice to blame conditions and anything other than myself, but at the end of the day, not sending makes me work even harder to try send.


  • What is the first piece of climbing advice, knowing all you do now, that you would give to yourself if you had just started climbing?

Try hard climbs and surround yourself with strong climbers.

  • What is your favorite or most used piece of The Edge ZA gear?

My Black Diamond Solution harness has to be my favourite piece of gear, it’s comfy, light, and used all the time.

I also love my Jetboil Flash, it’s perfect for a quick cup of coffee, anywhere, anytime.


  • What motivates you to keep climbing?

The other climbers that I surround myself with. The feeling of sending something I’ve been working on. Seeing how far I can push myself before I start finding my limits. All three of these reasons are what motivate me.


  • Plans for 2021 and the future?

Planning a few trips around South Africa this year.  I’m taking a gap year next year and hoping to do some traveling around Europe as well as some mountaineering.

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