• How many years have you been climbing and how did you start?

I’ve been climbing for around 9 years now. I started getting into climbing when I was a little kid on a camping trip in Kromrivier. But eventually lost interest and got into a variety of other sports. In 2013 I did a fun competition at the mountain club and went to nationals that same year. The rest is history!


  • Most memorable experience or send?

Speed of Sound (8B+) FOR SURE! I spent so many sessions on this boulder in 2019. From my first session believing that there was absolutely no chance of me sending that year to grabbing the top jug! Man what a feeling!


  • How do you deal with the frustration of not being able to send your projects?

Poorly! I definitely deal with the failure of not sending slightly different to most people it seems. I do get really frustrated, and it happens a lot… hitting, kicking, shouting, crying and hair pulling have all been part of the equation at some stage or another. But I always remember that I keep coming back and putting myself in the same situation time after time. So, I guess some part of me likes it!


  • What is the first piece of climbing advice, knowing all you do now, that you would give to yourself if you had just started climbing?

Climb all the time, think about climbing, watch climbing videos, go on climbing trips, just climb! Be patient with your goals. Climbing doesn’t often make sense. It could be the hottest day, your skin could be feeling the worst it’s ever been, and then you send. No logic, no reasoning, it just happens. So just keep trying and the right time will come!


  • What is your favorite or most used piece of The Edge ZA gear?

I can tell you with almost 100% certainty that I would be in a wheelchair 10 times over without a Black Diamond Mondo crash pad underneath me when I’m bouldering!


  • Any gnarly epics?

Nothing that has been my fault! The most unpleasant one was definitely when Guy PJ stepped in a beehive when we were at Paarl a few years back. Ended up running away from swarming bees and soloing the backside of Paarl rock with all our gear to get away and back to the car. This is why I stick to boulders now!


  • What motivates you to keep climbing?

For me, doing the absolute hardest moves my body is capable really intrigues me. I love the idea of being to hold something so inconceivably bad that people laugh! The aesthetics of a climb also definitely motivate me. Being on a big, proud, beautiful line in a beautiful part of the world just makes me happy and draws me to climbing for sure.


  • Plans for 2021 and the future?

For most of 2021 I will mainly be doing a lot of local bouldering, due to the fact that I’m Cape Town bound with varsity. But I am planning to make a trip to Switzerland or Fontainebleau in December/Jan which I am really psyched for! Then for the future, I’m still keeping my eyes on 2024.


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