Garrreth Bird

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What was your climbing highlight of 2019? Probably Red Rain 26 at Wolfberg. It takes a sheer, smooth face on a phantasmagorical red-streaked wall in the wide gulley. I have walked past it for years and have always been a little intimidated by the hard moves near the ground. It was amazing to discover that the climbing is even better than it looks!

What’s your big goal for climbing in 2020? Myself and a few friends are looking at a potential adventure in the Pakistani Karakorum. Massive! Holding thumbs.

What’s the weirdest climbing-related habit you have? When things start getting technical I very often say “Verrrrry interrresting Peterrrr” out loud as I try to figure the moves. (It was the catch phrase from an ancient Polyfilla TV ad! No idea why it’s still in my head.)


Name: Garrreth Bird

Age: 47

Hometown: Cape Town

Climbing of choice: Trad, sport

Favourite route: Too many! Maybe Whinge 25 or Red Rain 26 at Wolfberg. Maybe Double Direct 21 or Jacobs Ladder 17 on TM. Maybe even Triple Jeopardy 30 on TM, though I haven’t red pointed the damn thing yet!

Favourite song: Everyone I Went to High School With Is Dead – Mr Bungle (Listen with caution!)

Favourite type of mug: my mug shot

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