The Beal Active Line ropes have been designed to cover the largest range of climbing disciplines – from the occasional outing to big wall climbing – but with a focus on gym, sport and trad. They are constructed with Beal’s advanced technology which prioritises world leading impact absorption to minimise impact forces. At the same time these ropes are priced to be really affordable.

In the South African market we offer the Zenith (9.5mm) , Karma (9.8mm) and Virus (10mm) in 60m and 70m; and the ever popular Antidote (10.2mm) in 60m. For trad climbers with offer the Legend (8.3mm) in 60m units.


The Beal Intensive line ropes are designed for hard work in the mountains. Every individual sheath strand is treated with DRY COVER (Durable Resistant Yarn) to provide marketing leading performance : durability, resistance to moisture and superior handle with minimal weight. In addition to Dry Cover these ropes also feature THERMO FLUID and UNICORE construction. While more expensive than the Active Line models – these ropes are the best and most durable you can buy thereby ensuring great value for money.

For the South African market we offer ….


These ropes have been constructed to deal with the challenges of the Alpine environment – mountaineering or ice climbing. In addition to DRY Cover treatment on the fibres of the sheath, all the strands of the core are individually treated with a water repellent coating. The combination of coatings creates a GOLDEN DRY rope. They therefore feature all the benefits of Intensive ropes – but with minimal water absorption & increased suppleness. GOLDEN DRY ropes where the first ropes to meet the UIAA water repellent accreditation.

For the South African market we offer ….