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Getting to know Erin:

Do you have any Nicknames?

Umm some people call me Eri or just E

Do you have any Animals?

Yes, two dogs and a cat

Do you collect anything?

Nope not really, I mean I have quite a few pairs of climbing shoes at this point.

What are your plans for next year?

I’m hoping to study overseas, in America, so that I can climb and train there

Favourite piece of gear?

Definitely my chalk bag 

Passion for Climbing:

Congrats again for qualifying for the Olympics, I guess it is now very real for you!   How are you feeling?

A mix of excitement and nerves

How do you train for the Olympics?

I train about 5 days a week and switch between speed, Boulder simulations, endurance and general strength and fitness 

How  would you define your climbing style?

Hmm… maybe a little more technical than powerful, and often I enjoy crimps

We know a big part of climbing is problem solving – do you think you are a good problem solver in other aspects of your life?

In general, yes. I have always enjoyed maths more than the languages at school, and I enjoy helping to come up with solutions if someone needs advice or help

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