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Beal Double Air Bouldering Pad


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The DOUBLE AIR BAG is made of a 3 density enclosed foam that has a high capacity for absorbtion and shape throughout its lifetime.

The outer cover is in 100 % polyester with reinforced corners.  Easy to fold in two, the DOUBLE AIR BAG has a triple carrying system: handle/bandolier/rucsac straps.
The DOUBLE AIR BAG benefits from the VERSO concept, allowing the choice of surface on which to land depending on the height of the fall. Its size, its exceptional impact damping and back carrying system make it a market reference point.


  • Triple density enclosed foan allows for suitability of height from which to jump,
  • Reinforced corners,
  • Removeable strap can be changed into shoulder strap,
  • Side Vents,
  • Weight:  5.3kg
  • Thickness:  100mm / 3.9 Inch



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