Beal Twin Smith Captive Carabiner


Large capacity, asymmetrical steel locking karabiner for both in- and outdoor lower-offs subjected to intensive use.

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Features the Twin-Gate concept with second wire gate. Twin Gate is a revolutionary concept for locking a karabiner, patented by Grivel/ Simond. Clipping the rope is easier than with a classic HMS screwgate karabiner, making it ideal for use at a lower-off at the top of a route.
The 11mm round profile reduces abrasion and sheath slippage when top roping. The Be Smith Twin Gates captive bar allows it to be permanently fixed to the lower-off.

  • Lower-off.
  • Particularly suited to clipping into anchors and fixed line or for arborist work restraint.
  • Its removable captive bar holds the Twin Smith Captive in place on equipment it is clipped into.


Additional Information:

  • A large capacity and high strength (45kN) symmetrical steel locking karabiner.
  • The Twin Smith Captive features the TWIN-GATE concept with a second wire gate that opens in the opposite direction.
  • Keylock Nose System
  • Major Axis Strength:  45kN
  • Minor Axis Strength:  18kN
  • Open Gate Strength:  17kN
  • Weight: 228g



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