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Singing Rock Merlin


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Light ice axe designed for glacier tours and easy snow ascents in the mountains


  • classic straight shaft is made of high-quality 7075-class aluminium alloy
  • pick is made of durable chromoly steel and it easily penetrates even hard
    snow or alpine ice
  • adze is designed for easy cutting of steps or snow platforms
  • ice axe head ergonomically shaped especially for holding when walking
  • holes in the head as well as in the spike are big enough for attaching a carabiner
  • leash FIX included
  • three different lengths


  • RK007BB058 / 58 cm, 455 g
  • RK007BB065 / 65 cm, 480 g
  • RK007BB072 / 72 cm, 505 g

Weight: 455, 480, 505 g (16.05, 16.93, 17.81 oz)
Length: 58, 65, 72 cm (23, 26, 28 in)


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