Andrew Court

Big adventures on big walls is Andrew's forte but he also sends really hard! 

Andrew when asked what his Favorite product is:

" 1 - 2./.3 gold/blue offset cam. Fellow athlete Julia Wakeling heard that I was off the The Valley and let me borrow her offset cam. She told me that they are critical for protecting valley climbing and she wasn't wrong. Offsets come in super handy on routes with piton scars and that piece was key for our Dolt Tower run. 

2 - Alpen Glow - The BD Alpenglow hoody is probably the best piece of gear you could own. It kept me cool and shaded on my American adventure. It stays "clean" for a long time and you can wear it for weeks in a row. If we look at the rand-to-hour metric for gear (R/hour), an alpenglow hoody is a great investment and will have a relatively low cost per hour of use and give fantastic benefits. I can not recommend this piece of kit enough."

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