We have been developing innovative products for 30 years, to always push the limits of the explorable further and guarantee you flawless security.

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Canyoning, caving, climbing... The sports that bring us together are outdoor sports, in nature that we believe is essential to preserve.

Of course, we are not perfect but we have decided to carry out two actions to improve our environmental footprint. The first: for each rope sold, we support reforestation action in Madagascar. The second: 100% of our dynamic ropes are recyclable. Because every gesture counts.


Low impact force: our signature

The safety and comfort of climbers is our top priority! This is why for three decades we have been developing dynamic strings whose central characteristic is low shock force. A specificity that makes the practice safer: falls are better cushioned, anchor points are less stressed and your insurer slows you down more easily.

Innovation: our leitmotif

In climbing, you have to be creative! Knowing how to improvise to pass and surpass yourself. It is this same energy that we harness to innovate and design ever more efficient products.

From the first climbing rope weighing less than 60g per meter to the Escaper retrievable rappel system and our buckle-free harnesses, we want to offer you the best and more! 

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