Our Brands

Over our 25 years of importing international brands we have built partnerships with some of the world's best adventure and industrial brands. Below is a comprehensive list of all the brands we supply to South Africa. 

Innovation and tradition share equally deep roots at SCARPA, which to this day remains a family-owned company with its headquarters and performance footwear manufacturing facilities in the same regions of northern Italy where it got its start in 1938. SCARPA’s initial mission was to bring together all the best shoemakers in the Asolo area toward the goal of producing the best footwear anywhere.



Nikwax have developed easy-to-use, highly effective and long-lasting after-care treatments for all weatherproof fabrics.

Our passion is great food in the great outdoors. We adapt the comforts of home for the rigors of your adventures, whether you’re summiting a mountain or setting up on the sidelines of a soccer game. We believe food brings us together, sustains our explorations, and, mysteriously, always tastes better when cooked and eaten outside.

GSI Outdoors

Singing Rock

We put not only our experience, but also our enthusiasm into our products for climbers and workers at height. We proudly do it in Czechia. We are here for those who want to see the climbing and work at height world as it is, without pretence and unrealistic ballast. We do not embellish or hide anything. We respect the purity of climbing and that’s how we approach our products.

Anthron is a small company, run by family Lorbek since its foundation in year 1989. "ANTHRON" is the Greek name for cave and actually our first products were destined for speleologists. The thread of our activity, however, is rescuing - both in the field of sports (speleology, mountaineering, free climbing ...) and in the field of selected industries (fall pro-tection and rescue equipment).


Black Diamond

At Black Diamond, we're committed to designing and engineering the most innovative mountain equipment in the world.

At BÉAL, we have strong values and convictions that are rooted in the history of climbing and mountain sports. This history has been our spring board for developing innovative products over the past 30 years, to push back the limits of what can be explored and guarantee you unfailing safety.


Fire Maple

Outdoor cooking should be just as straightforward and satisfying as inside cooking. Our camping cookware is thoughtfully crafted to ensure you can always enjoy your meals, no matter where your adventure takes you.

Fallprotec has innovation in its DNA and continuously invests in product development which enables the company to market a comprehensive range, of fall arrest and height safety systems. Fallprotec is also a one-stop shop providing services such as industrial site audits, engineering, and training in its own facilities. The professional staff provides the best support to its clients, distributors, and installers on a daily basis as well as guides the final customer from the first-scratch concepts up to the final installation.

Fall Protec


In 2001, Dwight Aspinwall and Perry Dowst revolutionized backcountry cooking by creating a fast, compact and efficient stove unlike anything the world had ever seen—the first-ever Jetboil. And our engineers have been following in their footsteps ever since, relentlessly pushing the limits of what’s possible by inventing technologies that continue to redefine the industry.

JR GEAR is created by a group of engineers who love various outdoor activities, trekking, camping, wake boarding, scuba diving, surfing, marathon...... So JRG focus on developing Unique, Innovative products that break the technology barrier and customer expectation which are durable, tough enough for outdoor use and also suitable for daily travel.

JR Gear



LifeMarque is a family of brands that creates high quality products for the outdoor, travel, and nursery industries.

Whilst travelling in Tanzania in 1983, Mark Cobham cut his foot very badly. it was lucky for mark that his travelling companion was a qualified doctor- Dr Ania Koziell- who was able to treat him swiftly and effectively from a collection of medical kit she carried in her rucksack. but the incident led mark to query what he would have done were he travelling without a medical professional- and from that, Lifesystems was founded.

Light makes anything possible. It’s a symbol of hope and innovation. It’s also a daily necessity for everyone from backpackers to fire fighters. For over 45 years, Princeton Tec has pushed the limits of possibility with reliable, durable lights that shine bright in every situation.

Princeton Tec

Rock Helmet


Rock Helmets has always been synonymous with high-quality Made in Italy products, from the conception and design to the manufacture and sale of helmets for sports and professional use. 

The company was founded on the experience of father Simoni, who in the eighties began handcrafting fibreglass shells and semi-finished products. Since the early years, the objective was to produce and market a finished product that could be sold on the market. As early as 1993, the production and sale of the first hang gliding and ski helmets in composite fibre began. Later, the increasing introduction of plastics into the industry led to the development of the first ABS and polycarbonate ski helmets.

At Terra Nova Equipment the philosophy is simple, to provide the ‘Best in Class’ innovation and design. The result is our enviable reputation for producing some of the world’s best outdoor gear. Today, our range includes models that have withstood some of the most inhospitable places on earth or, at the other extreme, are feather-light and compact to suit the most minimalist expeditions.

Terra Nova Equipment



Established in the West of Scotland in 1966, the company remains based at the gateway to the spectacular Scottish Highlands, at its headquarters in Port Glasgow. Vango makes tents and equipment for families to camp in comfort, adventurers to go light & wild, and for mountaineers to survive in extreme conditions.

Wild Country is a major manufacturer of rock-climbing equipment, and is most noted for introducing the Friend, a spring-loaded camming device. The company is based in Tideswell in the English Peak District, close to some of the UK's most popular climbing areas.

Wild Country

Peguet Maillon Rapide

Originally, looking for a solution in traction chain repairing in agriculture. The useful connection was born over 80 years ago. Since then, the Péguet family is at the core of the manufacture of the famous Maillon Rapide® quick links. A simple & permanent connection dealing with various applications meeting market requirements.

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