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The Black Diamond Circuit Bouldering Pad is engineered as a daily workhorse for the cost-conscious boulderer, featuring a closed-cell PE foam layup with EVA bonded together, making it lightweight but solid for impact protection. The suspension system is comfortable, with shoulder straps, a waist belt and two side handles, and the hinge-style fold makes the Circuit easy to transport.
Closed-cell PE foam layup bonded to high compression PU foam
Easy hook metal buckles with 3 strap closure system
PU coated 900D Nylon
Hinge style fold for easy transport, making this a compact pad
Square corners for better coverage when paired with other pads

Weight 3.775 kg
Folded 89cm H x 20cm W x 60cm L
Open 89cm H x 10cm W x 120cm L
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