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An innovative backpacking light that combines the precision beam of a flashlight with the ambient illumination of a lantern, the Zip Lantern does double duty for any dark night in the backcountry. Enclosed in a frosted globe, 1 LED offers 150 lumens of proximity lighting for cooking, sorting gear or looking over the map. When nature calls or its time to fill up on water, the flashlight mode features 90 lumens of the precision beam to light the way. A simple collapsible hook on top makes it easy to hang from a branch or piece of accessory cord. Details: Features

1 LED with 150 lumens (max setting) is enclosed in frosted globe for bright, ambient light in lantern mode
1 LED with 90 lumens in the bottom to provide a bright, precise beam in flashlight mode
Lantern, flashlight and dimming modes all operate from single switch
Collapsible top hang loop
Power button lock
Powered by 4 AAA batteries



4 AAA (not included)

IPX Rating



[Lantern] 150
[Flashlight] 100

Max Burntime

[Lantern Max Settings] 12 h
[Flashlight Max Settings] 30 h

Max Distance

[Lantern] 6m
[Flashlight] 20m

LED Type

5 LED [Lantern] 1 LED [Flashlight]


100 g (3.3 oz)
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