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The COBRA II rope has revolutionized the world of adventure terrain. It's the classic half rope that offers unbeatable strength and lightness in one package. Perfect for big wall climbing, crag climbing, and mountaineering. It is characterized by its low-impact force and resistance to multiple falls. Furthermore, it won't swell or become stiff - even with extended use - due to UNICORE technology. What's more remarkable is that you can still make your escape by rappeling even when the sheath is cut! Details: Thanks to the UNICORE technology, rope strength and reliability have improved significantly. This innovative technology binds together the core and the sheath of a rope in order to create a more robust structure that is capable of withstanding the most demanding conditions. Additionally, it also increases safety levels due to its greater resistance to friction.
DRY COVER is a process whereby every individual core and sheath strand is treated with a hydrophobic chemical formula before the rope is manufactured.
A GOLDEN DRY rope combines 2 treatments: the core's treatment is added to the DRY COVER sheath treatment. This helps to achieve an astonishingly durable and waterproof rope.
GOLDEN DRY ropes are more frost and water-resistant; gain very little weight in humid conditions; improve rope suppleness through carabiners and belay devices; are more abrasion resistant.


Diameter: 8.6mm
Range: Intensive line
Material: Polyamide
Low impact force: 5.40 kN
Size: 53 cm 63 cm
Rope Core: Polyamide (PA)
Sheath slippage: 0 mm
Family: Cobra 8.6mm Dry Cover
Double Rope: Yes
Dynamic Elongation: 35 %
Static Elongation: 11,5 %
Percentage of Sheath: 39%
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