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The Fire Maple Fire-Spark Stove’s innovative burner design really comes into its own when the wind picks up

The Fire Maple Fire-Spark Stove is an invaluable partner for outdoor chefs – the wind resistant design and low centre of gravity allow for a great cooking experience even in breezy conditions. The Fire-Spark stove is fully wind-resistant, the burner features innovative Beehive TM wind-resistant net made from high temperature alloy. The classic remote cylinder design is easy to use, providing a lower centre of gravity for more stable cooking. Although compact when folded, the stove offers a respectable 18cm diameter when set up adding to the stability of this stove. The 2900W burner will boil 1L water in 3 minutes 35 seconds.
  • Wind resistant:fully wind resistant, needs no wind shield
  • Highly durable: innovative “Beehive TMâ€_x009d_ wind resistant net
  • High temperature and corrosion resistant
  • Strong power: 2900w firepower
  • Size: 181.1×95.2 mm (unfold); Ø 85.5×95.2 mm(fold)
  • Weight: 305 gram
  • Power: 2900w
  • Material: stainless steel, copper, aluminum
  • Weight supporting: 5kg
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