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If you’re really exploring the wilds, adventuring in the cold or simply don’t want to leave disposable waste behind you, the Fire Maple Fire-Fuel Stove is a liquid fuel stove with refillable fuel bottle.
There are places that it’s just not practical to take a gas canister stove – if you’re travelling to remote areas, the correct canister might not be easy to find and gas canisters aren’t always reliable at very cold temperatures. On top of that, gas canisters aren’t refillable and result in a lot of disposable waste, particularly on longer trips and they can be tricky to recycle. The answer to your cooking dilemma is the Fire Maple Fire-Fuel stove – a hiking and camping stove fueled by liquid fuel with a refillable fuel bottle. This stove can be fueled by benzene, paraffin and unleaded petrol, so locating a reliable source of fuel on your travels shouldn’t be a problem even in remote areas. Simply add your chosen fuel to the 500ml fuel bottle that’s included and away you go. Liquid fuel stoves offer great performance in cold environments. The fuel is heated in the large round pre-heat tube to vaporize the liquid fuel for thermally efficient complete burning and you’ll never have to worry about low pressure in your cold gas canister again. The Fire-Fuel’s fuel pressure pump is made from high strength engineering plastics for rugged durability. The Fire Maple Fire-Fuel stove is very stable to cook on – the low design reduces the centre of gravity compared to top mounted canister stoves and the folding pan supports give a broad area to cook on. The innovative butterfly fold legs and pan supports result in a compact carry size that fits neatly into a protective plastic carry case. The powerful burner delivers and output of 3275w and is equipped with a control valve for cooking convenience.
  • Liquid multi fuel stove
  • Power 3275w with control valve and pressure pump assembly
  • Fuel generator with flame diffuser burner head for improved performance
  • Stove pot support arms Ø180mm
  • Average boil time: 1 liter 3’50â€_x009d_
  • 500ml fuel bottle included (excluding Fuel)
  • Includes plastic storage box
  • Weight: 321g
  • Size on Folded Unit:
    • Ø180 x 180 x 85mm
  • Size on Unfolded Unit:
    • Ø80 x 80 x 85mm
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