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VANGO THERMATREK MATTRESS Orange The Vango ThermaTrek sleep mat is perfect for a warm and comfortable sleep to ensure you enjoy your adventures the next day. The new Closed Cell construction retains heat and is highly waterproof while a coated aluminium base provides added insulation to fend off cold nights. An easy folding structure makes transportation simple. Stay warm and dry wherever you go and sleep better with Vango. - Closed Cell Foam Construction: Provides insulation, flexibility and is waterproof - Dimple Shaped Design: Soft, durable and provides support including springback shock absorption - Compact Folding Design: Easy to fold and pack away - Aluminium Base Coating: Coating on the base of the mat provides extra thermal insulation for the user - Elastic Straps: For securing the sleep mat for easy transportation Total Weight: 0.235kg Packsize: 56 x 8.8 x 13cm Height: 1.. Vango Thermatrek Mattress (Orange)
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