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Maillon Rapide quick links used as a connector on P.P.E. (personal protective equipment) against falls from heights, mountaineering and rock climbing, are distinguished by a specific marking in relation with following European standards:


EN 362 standard industrial P.P.E.: fall arrest systems, work restraint, work positioning, rope access.
EN 12275 standard mountaineering P.P.E.: rock climbing, climbing walls, caving, canyoning.
Breaking strength in kN is identified on Pguet Maillon Rapide quick links meant for application in P.P.E. Breaking strength must not be under 25 kN.
When used in P.P.E., the breaking strength engraved on the Maillon Rapide quick links clearly identifies the maximum load.
Individual ID marking: a specific laser marking is added to the usual marking, providing users with an interesting option
in terms of product check, while no data collection shall be made by Pguet.
This option is available exclusively on P.P.E. certified Maillon Rapide quick links EN 362 / EN 12275 standards.
The product range for P.P.E. in mountaineering also carries the U.I.A.A. label (International Mountaineering and Climbing Federation).
According to legislation, a user instruction is required with each EN 362 & EN 12275-certified Maillon Rapide quick link, sold or used as a connector when fitted on P.P.E.


Fitted with a 90 twist allowing smoother orientation of any part.
Breaking load 32kn
Hot-Dip Galvanized
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