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The Vango Microlite 200 is not only warm, light and compact, it uses recycled fabric for less impact on the environment too
The Vango Microlite 200 omega shaped sleeping bag within the Earth Collection is made from Vangos recycled Polair Active Eco lining and shell Fabric. Its designed using a combination of advanced technologies to keep you insulated whatever the conditions for the ultimate sleep. Made for year-round explorers looking for an ultra small pack size and weight, yet needing high thermal capacity from their bag. Look out for its 4T Eco Synthetic insulation, Tri-lateral Construction and Thermal Embrace which combine for the ultimate warm and eco-friendly trekking pack.

Polair Active Eco Shell Fabric Our Recycled 20D 400T Diamond Ripstop polyester outer shell fabric is durable, water resistant and easily compressible
Polair Active Eco Lining Fabric Our Recycled 20D 380T Polyester Inner Lining Fabric features a tightly woven construction, creating a warm, soft to touch and easily compressible material which is also water and tear resistant
Trilateral Construction An independently floating layer of insulation that is not compressed by stitching, which reduces cold spots and increase core temperature
4T Eco Synthetic Insulation Innovative recycled synthetic insulation fibre increases the warmth to weight ratio by trapping air in its patented channel structure to enhance your sleeping experience
Thermal Reverb Aluminimised layer reflects heat back to the user to increase warmth
Thermal Embrace System Elasticated lining makes the sleeping bag gently conform close to the body, reducing cold spots while retaining freedom of movement
Insulated Adjustable Shoulder Baffle Retains heat within the sleeping bag
3D Hood with Multi-Cord Closure Structured hood design keeps the head and shoulders warmer during the night and the dual cord thicknesses allow easy adjustment in the dark
Arrow Foot Shaped foot area allowing feet to relax into their natural position
3D Insulated Zip Baffle Minimises heat loss through the zip and the 3D shape allows the filling to loft and provide insulation
Full Length Two-Way Auto-Lock Zip with Zip Guard Used to seal in warmth or provide ventilation and can be used from inside the bag.
Anti-catch piping helps to prevent the zip from snagging on the lining
Internal Pocket Provides convenient storage for small items
Omega Shaping Engineered to position zips and seams in the lower section of the bag. Ergonomically shaped to fit around head and shoulders for improved heat retention
4-Strap Compression Stuffsack Minimises pack size for easy transportation
Temperature Ratings Independently Measured In accordance with EN 23537:2016. Extensively tested to meet accurate temperature rating standards for peace of mind
Total weight: 0.96kg
Pack size: 25.0 x 18.0cm
Fill type: 4T
Comfort: 5
Limit: 1
Extreme: -10
Suggested usage min: 1
Suggested usage max: 20
Ext chest width: 80cm
Int chest width: 78cm
Max user height: 190cm
Int foot width 48cm
Int length: 205cm
Performance: 2-3 Season
Shape: Mummy
Zip side: Left
Ext length: 210cm
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