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The Booster is powerful, supportive, and precise. With an aggressively downturned, asymmetric shape it is a perfect choice for steep, demanding terrain while still holding its own when the climbing gets more vertical. The Booster is one of the most versatile models in our Specialized Performance Category.

  • DTS-Tension™ active rand permanently maintains the original shape of the shoe
  • PAF heel system improves fit and heel hooking performance
  • Soft Spine insert helps maintain the shape of the heel cup for technical heel hooks
  • Ceramic microsuede and Alcantara upper is comfortable and lightweight
  • Perfect for bouldering or sport climbing


The Differentiated Tension System, made possible by the PAF heel, allows us to tension the inside and the outside of the shoe differently enabling us to truly dial in the intended characteristics of a specific model. This unique technology not only transfers power directly to the big toe, it also helps keep the foot in an optimal position for power transfer and laser precision. DTS also ensures that the shoe keeps its shape and intended climbing characteristics throughout its entire lifespan.


AF (Pressure Absorbing Fit) is an innovative heel system that helps both spread the force of the heel tension and increase the fit of the heel. The Active Rand rubber is interrupted behind the heel to reduce pressure on the achilles tendon and connected with 2mm XS GRIP2 rubber, that works like a bridge and allows full adaption to the shape of the heel while still providing dynamic forward pressure to focus power over the big toe. The holes on the side of the heel indicate the tension applied, which varies between 1 hole for light tension, 2 holes for mid tension and 3 holes for strong tension.


SIZE OPTIONS : 35 - 45 (half sizes)WEIGHT REFERENCE : 245g; 8.6oz (1/2 pair size 40)UPPER : Microsuede + Ceramic + AlcantaraMIDSOLE : Flexan 1.0mmOUTSOLE : Vibram® XS Grip2 (3.5 mm)LAST : FZC - Aggressive, Downturned and Highly AsymmetricPROFILE : Highly DownturnedSYMMETRY : Highly AsymmetricPRIMARY MATERIAL : SyntheticSOLE RUBBER : Vibram® XS Grip2COUNTRY OF ORIGIN : Italy

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