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BODY II speed / W0071BY
BODY II speed / W0071BB - black version
Fully adjustable fall arrest harness - with three SPEED buckles

SPEED buckles on the leg loops for easy putting the harness on
two fall arrest attachment points (EN 361)
compact and light-weight
intended for working in places with the risk of fall
suitable for horizontal or inclined space, also allows temporary hanging in
flat rear attachment point does not affect comfort when wearing the backpack or breathing apparatus
two gear loops with max. load 5 kg
easy to adjust, easy put on and off
webbing stitched in the buckle simplifies handling
shoulder and leg loops webbings are color distinguished for easy manipulation
produced in three sizes
different color of the rear triangle in the smallest size (S/M/L - grey, XL/XXL - yellow, XXXL - yellow)
suitable for combination with a positioning belt POLE II
can be equipped with an additional HARNESS PADDING or SUSPENSION TRAUMA SAFETY STRAPS
can also be equipped with REFLECT VEST for higher visibility and safety
suitable also for rope courses and adventure parks
Weight: 1185 g 41.8 oz [size S/M/L]; 1240 g 43.7 oz [size XL/XXL]

BODY II standard / W0068BR
BODY II standard / W0068BB - black version
Fully adjustable fall arrest harness - with one SPEED buckle

compared to the speed variant the leg loops of this variant are equipped with standard easy-lock buckles
other features and specifications are identical
Weight: 1025 g 36.2 oz [size S/M/L]; 1090 g 38.5 oz [size XL/XXL]
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