Singing Rock

SINGING ROCK is one of the world leaders on the market of climbing equipment and professional personal protective equipment for work at heights, military, and rescue.

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We are climbers who work for climbers

We put not only our experience, but also our enthusiasm into our products for climbers and workers at height.

We are here for those who want to see the climbing and work at height world as it is, without pretense and unrealistic ballast. We do not embellish or hide anything.

We respect the purity of climbing and that’s how we approach our products.


We bear the responsibility to keep our planet green and to preserve its riches for our kids. Singing Rock is supporting by its membership in the European Outdoor Conservation Association environmental activities all around the world.

Czech Company

Although we are open to the world, the heart of SINGING ROCK beats in the Czech Republic. The headquarter, production, training and testing centre is located in Poniklá. Our textile production plant is situated in Semily. The production of metal products and components is placed in Sudkov. The Kladno training centre for work at height is just 20 min from Prague.

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