Brand Athletes

Mel Janse van Rensburg

Mel is the first and only South African to climb the coveted route grade of (36/9a)

Rock Climbing

Garrreth Bird

A competent tradster and a seriously adventurous photographer, Garrreth has recently made several first ascents in Slanghoek Amphitheater.

Rock Climbing

Thomas Vermaak

Tom Vermaak, a mountain guide, paramedic, and passionate ultra runner pushing boundaries and aiming for 100x100 milers.  

Ultra Runner

Georgi Dorward

  Georgi is a strong and talented boulderer, she is driven by her passion for the 'flow' of climbing. She has many years of promising climbing ahead of her.

Rock Climber 

David Naude

David has sent many classic lines in Rocklands that have only seen a handful ascents. He has also placed 1st in several youth climbing competitions.  

Rock Climber


Elle Pelser

Climber, runner and general outdoor enthusiast. She loves montagu and has bolted many new routes there. She also climbs seriously hard   

Rock Climber

Julia Wakeling Bird

Always psyched adventurer you are likely to randomly bump into her in the Cederberg mountains  Rock Climber

Pierre Jordaan

Owner of Mountain Abandon and mountain lover. Looking for gear advice? Pierre knows what's what.

Trail Runner

Tash Smith

  Tash is a low-key sport climber, and boulderer who climbs really hard. Pretty sure that the other climbers in the woman's category are glad she doesn't compete.

Rock Climber

Gosia Lipinska

  Gosia has been ticking off hard ascents for many years and continues to build an impressive climbing resume on trad and sport.

Rock Climber

Andrew Court

   Big adventures on big walls is Andrew's forte but he also sends really hard!

Rock Climber

Michael Van Der Ham

  Michael is a knowledgeable and passionate climber, he has put down many hard ascents including several legendary lines such as Gliding Through the Waves like Dolphins and the Vice  

Rock Climber

Lodelia Kombrink

Lodelia, an exceptional ultra runner, showcases unparalleled endurance and unwavering commitment. She conquers immense distances, setting a shining example of the boundless potential in long-distance running and inspiring countless athletes.  

Trail Runner

Milena Krohn

Milena is consistent and strong. What started out as just a passion has become a lifestyle for Milena. She climbs a lot during the week, sets boulders at Bloc 11 and at the Stellenbosch gym, and crushes on the weekends 

Rock Climber

Rauen Krohn

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Rock Climber

Ivan Van Der Tang

  Super hard sender and all round legend. Boven is his home ground.

Rock Climber

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